USGBC LEED Information

The Grove is pursuing LEED for Homes certification, which is a green home certification program for homes that are designed and built to be energy- and resource efficient and more healthy and durable for the occupants. LEED-certified homes complete a technically rigorous process that often includes a home energy (HERS) rating and onsite inspections to verify that the home is built to be energy and water efficient, environmentally sound, and a healthier place to live.

These apartments set the example that we can all live better by reducing our environmental footprint, cutting our utility bills, and coming home to a greener place to live.

Located in Rexburg, The Grove is within walking distance of public transportation, shops and other conveniences.  The design and construction team is focusing heavily on reducing energy use.  This 48-unit project features high efficiency windows and lighting and high density, recycled cellulose insulation that blankets the building.  Other energy efficiency upgrades include instantaneous water heaters, programmable thermostats, pipe insulation and high efficiency gas furnaces.  These features not only reduce future utility costs but also result in a more comfortable home. 

Water conservation is a priority with high efficiency irrigation and plumbing fixtures, drought tolerant plants and minimal turf.

Special attention is being paid to using healthy materials with low emissions.  Non-toxic, zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint, Green Label Plus certified carpet and low-VOC adhesives and sealants are being used to protect the indoor air quality for construction workers and residents.  In addition, continuous ventilation in the units will ensure fresh air and mitigate against mold.  EPA approved, radon-resistant construction techniques are being utilized to protect residents from the risk of radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Local lumber and cement from Idaho and recycled wood moldings and doors protect the environment and support local economy.  The team is targeting a reduction in construction waste of over 60% by recycling and diverting wood, plastic, glass and metal from the landfill.

As a result of incorporating energy saving products and technologies, The Grove is estimating a 65 Home Energy Rating System score (on a 100 point scale with 0 being a net zero home and 100 being a home built to code).  Think of this as a “MPG” rating of your home.

We are proud to be pursuing LEED for Homes certification and look forward to becoming one of over 55,000 other homes to be certified in the U.S.